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R72 Port 2 Port provides a high quality and excellent value next day delivery service delivering to both businesses and private homes. Now nationwide.

A company without a soul is like a ship without a compass. It might stay afloat, but it probably won’t get where it wants to go.

That is exactly why we created our “SPIRIT OF VALUES”. This acronym defines our culture and gives character to our business. It also provides direction in both our dealings within the company as wells as with our customers.
We are strongly committed to these six values. We ask individuals at every level in the organization to regularly review whether we are fulfilling them and to provide feedback on how we can be doing a better job.
We must earn the customer’s business with every interaction. Therefore, we will always focus on finding creative solutions to their needs.
We will focus on consistently growing our revenues and profits for the benefit of customers, employees and the communities we serve.
We will always act ethically and professionally. We believe in personal responsibility and accountability, operating always in a way that is above reproach.
We will respect all individuals – customers, colleagues, and competitors – by our attitudes, words, and actions. We pursue diversity and support personal and professional growth for all.
We will invest in our people, processes and systems in order to make ourselves increasingly productive in serving our customers.
We seek to be a trusted business partner to our clients. We believe that by working closely together we can achieve the goals of all concerned.

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