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How you identify yourself will have a large impact on your business, it is no use branding yourself as something you are not. Do you dress to please people, do you dress for an occasion, do you dress as who you are ? How does that influence your sales pitch to a customer ?

Personal branding is the key, if you feel comfortable with yourself you portray that to whoever you meet during the day.

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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Port Alfred parkrun celebrated only their second 100th run milestone award this weekend when Darryl Hooper, local member and regular runner, completed his 100th parkrun. Darryl is well known for his participation in several parkruns countrywide. The first 100th run milestone in Port Alfred was achieved by Pauline Weed, Assistant Event Director of Port Alfred parkrun.

Port Alfred parkrun started on 9th December 2017. Since then 1,614 participants have completed 6,490 parkruns covering a total distance of 32,450 km, including 1,609 new Personal Bests. Official membership registrations for Port Alfred parkrun is now 853.

Several  Port Alfred parkrun members have achieved the 100th run milestone at other events, including Catherine Momberg, Michael Momberg,  Alex Weed, Alan Robb and others. You can follow the parkrun on their Website.


Well Done Darryl, we wish you many more fun kilometers with us.


With Darryl -- Verene Burger (37 parkruns) and Martin Neethling (Event Director Port Alfred parkrun)

Photo credits -- Catherine Momberg (Volunteer Co-ordinator Port Alfred parkrun)

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